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HappyTrading, a.k.a. Andy Wang, graduated from University of California, at Berkeley, with a dual degree in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, honors. While at Berekely, Andy did 4.5 years of graduate-level research in superconductivity. Through his research in superconductivity, Andy was introduced to computer graphics to visualize molecular structures. Andy went on to teach himself computer graphics animation in 1 year and had a job lined up at George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) before he graduated. He was one of the top 7 students from Berkeley's College of Chemistry to be solicited by MIT to attend its graduate program. Andy chose to have fun, making movies at ILM.

Andy had worked at ILM, Sony, DreamWorks, and IDTE Entertainment making live-action and animated features. He has worked on films such as Star Wars Episode I (Lucas Film), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Universal Pictures), Stuart Little 2 (Sony Pictures), Shark Tale (DreamWorks)...etc.  Just before he started blogging in the financial industry, Andy was the Cinematographer (Director of Photography) on the movie "Everyone's Hero".  You can find some of Andy's movie credits on these movie sites:
Internet Movie Database:
Andy Wang on IMDB

Yahoo Movies!
Andy Wang on Yahoo Movies!

Since then, Andy had consulted on various projects in the entertainment industry.  A particularly interesting project that Andy art-directed was a "theme-park ride" called "Dance of the Dragons", in the City of Dreams Resort in Macau, China,

In his spare time, Andy plays the stock market.  Much of Andy's understanding of the stock market comes from experience and intuition. He has developed a charting system using technical analysis to better understand the trends and movements of individuals stocks, trading vehicles, and the stock market itself.

Andy has been writing a financial blog called Wang's Happy Trading (wangshappytrading.com) since early 2007. Now, Andy has founded a new company called My Happy Trading (myhappytrading.com), a financial social network, dedicated to help its members to create wealth, together.  You can see Andy's published trades since March 2007 here (Please log in first, if you haven't; you can sign up for a FREE account if you don't have one):  HappyTrading Happy Trades!! (CLICK HERE)

You can find Andy's blog on MyHappyTrading.com here:
Happy Trading Blog

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My philosophy on life is that if you are doing something that you love and you are having fun while you do it, then, you will do well in whatever you choose to do. I believe that trading is the same. If you are happy doing it, then, you will do well.  Have fun, good luck, and “happy trading”!

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tc924 wrote Parents Weekend
on Tue, Sep 16 2008 5:39


Hope you had a great time visiting your parents!

OptionDragon wrote andy! Whazup hey i got something to tell you...
on Wed, Jul 30 2008 12:57

 Inbar joined the myHappydating Group, i just wanted to let you know. Surprise


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admin wrote Hi There
on Mon, Jul 7 2008 15:47

This is me testing

FrostyMuggs wrote Looks like you're having fun.
on Sat, Jun 28 2008 19:49
Was this from your recent trip? She's a very pretty girl!
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