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 Bagger is an individual discretionary trader who specializes in technical analysis.  Using a variety of tools, he trades his account and a host of others via subscription services.  Bagger has an MBA from a local university, and has managed a large pension fund for a national co-op.  Subsequently, he managed a multi-million dollar hedge fund for himself and select high net-worth individuals and institutions prior to his current gig.

Bagger has a diverse knowledge background and periodically writes articles for numerous websites and publications.  Some articles are on file with Seeking Alpha and have achieved notable status.  He teaches business classes on occasion for a local college and is an avid reader.  Education is paramount for success with Bagger.  He has been a mentor and trading coach for many individuals wanting to learn his methods of success.  

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tc924 wrote Closing Words
on Wed, Sep 24 2008 16:04

What a day - nice closing words today, BV.

OptionDragon wrote LOL Im pretty sure it was puts!!
on Thu, Sep 4 2008 15:06

Yeah 40 points later huh...Bagger is very bearish!

savealot2 wrote BIDU - BDUUZ
on Mon, Aug 18 2008 10:02

 Bagger, you're confusing me You posted BDUUZ as a call purchase, but actually they are puts! What exactly is the trade here on BIDU?

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