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Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, XLF, OIH, XLE, MOO     

The market pushed higher last week, although not by much.  Last weekend, in my Market Forecast, I wrote:
"For the new week, earnings are going to start.  Things may be on the slow side until Wednesday, after AA has reported.  INFY and WFC report on Friday morning.  If things pullback, the nearest support is between SPX 1450 to 1460.  If the markets push higher, initial resistance is between SPX 1475 and 1480."

Things were indeed slow until Wednesday.  Biotech were very strong and helped push the broader market higher.  AA reported well, and things crawled higher ahead of WFC's earnings on Friday.  INFY enjoyed a +19% jump after giving a bullish forecast.  WFC gave a solid quarterly report, but, ended Friday slightly down.  The broader market, however, held its levels.

We had a fairly good week with most closed trades on the plus side:

  • 12:32 | Ecstatic Plays HLF ($39.90) Sold to Close 01C40 Jan 40 calls, at $2.60 +30%
  • 11:12 | HappyTrading CF ($215.00) Sold to Close 01C210 Jan 210 calls, at $6.40 +56%
  • 10:58 | HappyTrading SHLD ($41.00) Sold to Close 01P40.42 Jan 40 put, at $1.09 -31%
  • 10:54 | HappyTrading CF ($214.80) Sold to Close 01C210 Jan 210 calls, at $6.30 +54%
  • 08:21 | HappyTrading CF ($213.60) Sold to Close 01C210 Jan 210 calls, at $5.40 +32%
  • 06:57 | Ecstatic Plays AAPL ($528.50) Sold to Close 01C540 Jan 540 calls, at $5.90 +7%
  • 09:56 | HappyTrading CRUS ($29.40) Sold to Close 01C28 Jan 28 calls, at $1.95 +3%
  • 09:25 | HappyTrading GOOG ($736.00) Sold to Close 01C730 Jan 730 calls, at $13.50 +30%

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For the week, the Dow was up +53.22 points; SPX added +5.58 points; Nasdaq gained +23.97 points.  Gold and oil were slightly higher.  At the time of this writing, Asian markets were mostly higher with the Chinese market up +2%!  Here's how the US markets closed on Friday:


On Friday, SPX was down 0.07 point to close at 1472.05.  Its daily MAs and MACD went up.


Nasdaq added +3.88 points to close at 3125.64.  Its daily MAs and MACD were higher as well.

Both SPX and Nasdaq were just slightly higher last week.  For the new week, the market will be looking at a slew of earnings from the financial sector.  BK, SCHW, CTBI, FRC, GS, JPM, MTB, USB all report on Wednesday morning.  BAC, BLK, C, PNC will report on Thursday morning.  In addition, INTC and XLNX report on Thursday afternoon.  Friday will wrap up the week with reports from MS, STI, STT, and SLB.  There's still resistance between SPX 1475 and 1480; above this resistance, we could see the broader market challenge 1500.  Besides earnings from the financials, the energy sector could be another driving force.

Sector Watch

XLF (financials)

XLF hung on to its level last week.  This week will be very important.  GS, JPM, BAC, and C are all reporting this week.

OIH (oil services)

OIH was slightly higher last week.  RIG continued to propel higher.  This weekend, RIG released information that Icahn has acquired +1.56% stake in the company, and he is asking for more.  DO has been riding higher.  NOV has some catching up to do.  SLB will report on Friday morning.

XLE (energy)

XLE was basically flat.  If the broader market breaks higher, energy stocks will likely participate.  APA and APC look good to break out.

As before, tech stocks will run if the broader market runs.  In addition INTC's earnings on Thursday afternoon could also be a driving force.

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

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